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At WRM, we know that effective management of a workers’ compensation claim starts early – it’s vital to both the employee’s wellbeing and their employer’s business. We make sure everyone involved is informed, updated and fully aware of their options and responsibilities at each stage of the process.

Our vision is for all workers to return to suitable duties in a safe and timely manner following an injury. Evidence overwhelmingly shows that recovery at work is the most effective treatment – addressing both the physical and the psychosocial aspects of a worker’s life. Our vocational rehabilitation services manage that process and ensure gradual integration back into the workplace. As a signatory to the Consensus Statement on the Health Benefits of Good Work, WRM is committed to promoting the virtues of work in re-establishing financial security, reconnecting socially and restoring a sense of purpose.

Even if your business employs a Return to Work Coordinator, workplace injury case management can be time consuming and all consuming. Let the experienced WRM team of workplace rehabilitation consultants assist.

Getting you back into a new workplace

WRM’s career transition services are designed to assist in the transition from one employment type to another, whether this is the result of retrenchment, changes within an industry or business, or following physical or psychological injury or illness at work.

The people we help are facing a diverse range of issues – some very simple to solve, others much more complex. We have developed a highly flexible, targeted approach delivered by WRM’s experienced Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants. They focus on identifying, preparing for and securing a sustainable new employment journey for each person we work with. Our services cover the following areas:

Vocational Assessments
A comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s transferable skills, qualifications and interests achieved by considering their education, training, work history and psychological functioning. This provides the support and the tools to assist an individual return to meaningful employment, in the shortest possible time.

Vocational Counselling
Guiding clients through the process as they prepare to seek employment. Our rehabilitation consultants provide the very best vocational and career change counselling that identifies suitable new employment pathways which align to individual strengths, motivations, values and interests.

Job Preparation and Job Seeking Assistance
This program is designed for an individual who cannot return to their pre-injury job. It’s used as part of a vocational program and can include rehabilitation counselling or one-on-one job seeking assistance. With close monitoring they leave with the skills required for efficient job seeking.

Work Trial and Job Cover Placement Program
We take the time to understand a business’s needs to ensure the right candidate fit. We can also help workers and employers’ access SIRA recover at work incentive programs and consult carefully with the host employer about other incentive programs, to improve the prospects of an offer of ongoing employment.

How this helps everyone

For Employers
Reduces lost time in the recovery process
Employees show greater capacity and enhanced resilience
Improves workplace morale – employees feel valued
For Employees
Feeling listened to, supported and valued
Receiving the best, evidence-based, effective treatment
Creates accountability around the timeline for returning to work
For Insurers
Effective spending on the right kinds of treatment
Results-focussed approach, closely monitored for effectiveness
Improved timelines, fewer incapacity payments

Helping you get to somewhere new!

If you’re currently out of work due to injury or illness, our job seeking program will help you develop the skills you need to become a competitive candidate for suitable job options through re-training and workplace trials.

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Amy Beasley – Hardman (Broker)
“Workers’ Comp is all about reducing lost time – for everyone. WRM always work with that front of mind”
Wayne Currington, Smoke Alarms Australia (Employer)
“They take away the worry and stress and they get action. They get things moving and resolved – I wish I’d known about them 5 years ago!”
Deb (Employee)

“Before they got involved I felt alone with it all – it was all on me to sort it out. I never felt alone again after they got involved”

Jon Awramenko, Aristocrat (Employer)
“They are hugely beneficial to us – I can just leave them to get on with it. They take it all over and regularly update me on progress”

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