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We make workplace
rehab work!

And we do it by protecting everyone’s interests equally.
You could say we’re on everybody’s side.

Aiming to get you back to where you want to be

Our talented team of allied healthcare professionals focus on the employee and their recovery. With expert guidance, targeted recovery plans and step-by-step return to work programs, we navigate them through an individually tailored process that sees them integrated back into the workplace in a safe and timely manner. With over 20 years experience as workplace rehabilitation providers, we believe strongly in the power of recovery at work – it’s both positive for the employee’s recovery and productive for the workplace.

Throughout the process, our inclusive communications keep everyone informed on progress so that all parties know who is doing what and when. It’s a uniquely measured approach to getting people recovered and back doing what they want to do in the best possible shape. And we make sure it works for everyone!

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How we help everyone

For Employers
Excellent communication to keep you informed all the way
We sweat all the small stuff – so you can focus on business
Reassurance that the claim is being handled in the most efficient way
For Employees
Knowing that you’ve got someone by your side throughout everything
Constant care, endless understanding and masses of support
Access to the highest levels of medical advice and input
For Insurers
Continuous mediation between all the involved parties
Accurate, efficient case management keeping things on track
Focussed on a timely and effective resolution to each case

How we’ve helped

Gillian Lewis, 2 Men & A Truck (Employer)
“Two things stand out for me – their in-depth knowledge and reliability. That’s where they stand out from others”
Amy Beasley – Hardman (Broker)
“We really trust them. We don’t have to micro-manage them at all – that’s unusual. They’re reliable, proactive, have good communications and really think things through for you”
Jon Awramenko, Aristocrat (Employer)
“They are hugely beneficial to us – I can just leave them to get on with it. They take it all over and regularly update me on progress”
Sophie (Employee)

“It was great to have someone so knowledgeable on my side....they refined my back to work plan based around my normal duties to ease me back in”

Meet Libby

Libby Roberts is the Founder and Managing Director of WRM. With two decades experience in injury management and WHS, and a Masters Degree in Psychology from the University of Sydney, she is a passionate advocate for evidence-based treatment in helping people recover and return to work in a safe and timely manner following an injury. Her mission is to help both employers and employees achieve the best possible outcome and believes strongly that helping individuals thrive has a positive impact beyond the workplace to the economy, families and the wider community.


Clients we’ve helped

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They are so knowledgeable about the Workers Compensation process and rehabilitation – they strike the balance between caring for both the employee and the employers needs

Gillian Lewis, 2 Men & A Truck

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