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Do you find yourself thinking that the world of
workplace rehabilitation should work much better?
Then we should talk.


The people who make up WRM may come from diverse backgrounds and bring a range of different experiences but they all have one thing in common – a deep-seated desire to improve lives and make workplace rehabilitation work better for everyone involved.

For over 20 years WRM has strived to improve the world of workers’ compensation. We simply don’t believe that employees, employers and insurers should all come out of the process feeling that it was unsatisfactory. There is a better way. We have an all-consuming passion and commitment to our work that drives us to continually innovate and strive to improve processes that create more and more successful outcomes – for everyone! And that includes our own employees!

Established in 1998, we’re well-respected within the industry and known for our supportive culture and hands-on founder. But we know we wouldn’t be where we are without our high calibre consultants, our innovative services and our commitment to all our professional relationships – employees, employers, insurers and medical professionals. We treat them all with equal respect and get that back. We continually ask for feedback to monitor our processes (and ourselves) and so understand that people really value our work and appreciate the difference we bring to their lives.

We are a people-first business – and are dedicated to ongoing training and peer support that ensures quality, outcome focused programs and projects. We believe in striking the work-life balance too so flexibility to work from home part of the time is also something we are happy to discuss.


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