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Nowadays there really is no excuse for a workplace not to be a safe, healthy and productive environment. But too often employers find the subject of workplace injury prevention, employee wellbeing and the legislative requirements surrounding them – just too complex and daunting to work through.

Our proactive preventative programs and holistic health and wellbeing insights are created specifically to fit the individual business and its operational requirements. We have a range of services and can also tailor a program just for you. Services include safety training, pre-employment assessments and programs for employee wellbeing and resilience.

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Our corporate wellness approach

Our team of highly qualified healthcare professionals including Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Psychologists and Coaches are subject matter experts. We work with you to create healthcare initiatives, to ensure that they are tailored to suit the specific needs of your workplace and compliment your existing measures and values. Our courses can be tailored to suit any number of staff, time-frame, setting and industry. Corporate wellness programs provide critical benefits that improve the well-being of the company’s employees beyond the workplace. The goal is to help employees maintain good health, creating a better work environment for everyone.


Bullying & Harassment Awareness training
This is an essential first step in ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for your staff. Our program ranges from 1 – 3 hours in duration, and provides staff with the knowledge and skills to recognise, respond to and prevent bullying and harassment behaviour. Customised and further extended training is also available to deliver industry-specific outcomes or to incorporate your organisational values, cultural change goals or other organisational initiatives. Our workshops are delivered in-house at your premises, ideally in small groups of around 15 to 20 people. All the WRM presenters are professional, degree-qualified counsellors or registered psychologists with extensive experience in this area.

How we’ve helped

Jon Awramenko, Aristocrat (Employer)
“They are hugely beneficial to us – I can just leave them to get on with it. They take it all over and regularly update me on progress”
Amy Beasley – Hardman (Broker)
“We really trust them. We don’t have to micro-manage them at all – that’s unusual. They’re reliable, proactive, have good communications and really think things through for you”
Deb (Employee)

“Before they got involved I felt alone with it all – it was all on me to sort it out. I never felt alone again after they got involved”

Wayne Currington, Smoke Alarms Australia (Employer)
“They take away the worry and stress and they get action. They get things moving and resolved – I wish I’d known about them 5 years ago!”

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