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WRM is a people-first business that also employs the power
of technology to aid recovery and workplace wellbeing.


WRM believes in the use of smart technology and digital services to enhance the recovery journey – from promoting resilience to wellbeing and work-fitness. LeapForward™ is an award-winning, innovative 6-week program harnessing AI driven technology and one to one coaching to support people in getting back to health, life and work. Designed by an expert team, LeapForward™ helps people gain control of their recovery journey.

Evidence-Based 6-Week Program
Developed on models of biopsychosocial health, behavioural change and progressive goal-attainment. Designed and administered by our team of experienced health professionals.

Engaging and Person-Centric
The intuitive digital platform is supported by specialist-telecoaching and workbook activities. It is designed to complement existing healthcare and rehabilitation interventions.

Dashboard Reporting and Metrics
Provides real-time metrics and reporting around engagement, health and the return to the workplace. Drives decisions for the next steps in case and recovery management.

Reframes Recovery
Empowers people with the will and skill to move forward with confidence and control. Foundations of resiliency are firmly set before building the pillars of wellness: mind, body, life.

Innovative and Scalable
Delivered via a smart-device optimised app that’s accessible and user-friendly. This app utilises psycho-education through an AI-driven, digitised health coach supported by interactive video content.

University Evaluation
Research being undertaken by UniSA Allied Health & Human Performance – providing rigorous, independent data analysis to substantiate outcomes and affirm efficacy.


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Sophie (Employee)

“It was great to have someone so knowledgeable on my side....they refined my back to work plan based around my normal duties to ease me back in”

Jon Awramenko, Aristocrat (Employer)
“They are hugely beneficial to us – I can just leave them to get on with it. They take it all over and regularly update me on progress”
Wayne Currington, Smoke Alarms Australia (Employer)
“They take away the worry and stress and they get action. They get things moving and resolved – I wish I’d known about them 5 years ago!”
Gillian Lewis, 2 Men & A Truck (Employer)
“Two things stand out for me – their in-depth knowledge and reliability. That’s where they stand out from others”

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